Book Review: Current Impressions

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Title: Current Impressions

Never Forgotten, Book Two

Author: Kelly Risser

Genre: Young Adult


After an emotionally draining year, Meara Quinn is not the same carefree and innocent girl. Graduation is over. Taking a leap of faith and temporarily separating from her one love—Evan—Meara joins her father on a journey to learn more about who she is.

Too bad life is not all starfish and seashells. Meara gains magical abilities, but she’s forced to undergo intense training so she knows what to do with them. Her father chooses her aunt and Kieran as her trainers. And Kieran—a powerful male who’s not from their clan—has the unnerving ability to infuriate and intrigue Meara at the same time.

While Meara begins her new life, Evan endures with her memory and the knowledge that he will see her in July when his internship begins. Although excited about gaining real world experience, it’s the thought of seeing Meara that really drives him. Unfortunately, Evan finds it hard to focus on anything when he’s suffering from vivid nightmares and screaming headaches.

When Meara and Evan reunite, everything seems to fall back into place. The summer appears to be perfect. Then two of her father’s guards are found dead, and foul play is suspected. The façade melts away. Someone is targeting them, and Meara must discover who it is and why. She turns to Evan to help her, but when he gives her the hot and cold treatment, she’s left feeling alone and confused.

As the puzzle pieces move into place, will Meara be able to solve the mystery in time to save her clan and her relationship?


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Current Impressions picks up right where Never Forgotten left off. Meara is now on the journey of learning about what she is, who she is. Moving from Canada to Scotland she is immersed in a new world that’s cut off from technology and all things to do with humans. She finds herself on a small island living in a castle that the occupants call Ronac.

It’s one thing to deal with your mother dying, leaving to live with your father your never really knew, and the fact that you’re not human but once she learns that her father is a sort of ruler or leader to all the residents at Ronac and that she’s next in line to rule to something else entirely. Her father demands that she gets lessons to work on her new abilities that she’s inherited. Except he’s too busy with other things so he leaves her aunt and a boy she is drawn too, Kieran to become her tutors.

Kieran was introduced in the previous book, Never Forgotten. I didn’t really think anything of his character in book one until he expectantly shows up in book two. The possible love triangle that never happened in Never Forgotten is on the verge of becoming reality as he teaches her how to harness her powers as well as the constant flirting and “I’ll save your life” mantra that he has…and he does. One thing bothers me about the relationship that develops into something very serious is that he’s several years older than her. He appears to be in his twenties, but he’s more or less a middle aged man and at times can be a bit disturbing to think about.

Current Impressions also dives into Evan’s story as well. He took on an internship in Scotland to be closer to Meara, but what happens to him is totally unexpected. His health puts him in peril, but once he gets treatment from a local doctor things change, things begin to look up. It doesn’t take long for things to go sour again. His personality starts to change and mood swings start to set in especially when Meara is around. He get hateful and heartless when she’s around and once she’s gone he realizes how he behaved. Voices in his head tell him awful things and it’s hard not to listen to them. Let’s just say he’s about to find out he’s not quite human either. Once again I’m not one for spoilers, so let me tell you that these unhuman beings are creatures of ocean myth.

Meara goes against her father’s wishes and leaves the safety of Ronac even after two guards show up dead to see Evan before and even after his hurtful episodes. It’s here that she’s pulled into trouble as Evan’s host, Ken shows a great interest in Meara. Evan finds it weird but really can’t pin point why or think anything of it until it’s too late.

This book outs you on edge as crucial pieces of information are slowly revealed. It has everything a great suspenseful novel should. The plot thickens and I was amused along the way. I was also pleased that Evan’s character is developed more and plays a very prominent role in this book. It does end in a cliffhanger signaling another novel is in store, which by means of how it ended calls for lots of action.


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