Book Review: Much Of Madness

Much Of Madness

Title: Much Of Maddness

Conexus Chronicles, #1

Author: S.E. Summa

Genre: Southern Gothic Horror


Seraphina Pearce doesn’t know what’s more frustrating: her magic’s affinity for death, her best friend’s transformation into an albino Sin Eater, or that simply touching a guy she loves means someone’s headed to the morgue.

After a sin-eating job goes awry, she casts a risky spell and butts heads with a handsome stranger in order to win an infamous grimoire.

Marceau L’Argent is the last person she should confide in because the occult cat burglar has a mysterious past, and he’s made it no secret he also wants the grimoire. He recognizes her dark magic and offers his unique help as a rare curse breaker. If all that weren’t enough, Marceau causes butterflies in her stomach—a feeling she’d long thought dead.

Seraphina was only trying to break her curse—not piss off Death himself.

MUCH OF MADNESS is a Southern Gothic Horror story about loyalty, sacrifice, and maintaining hope no matter the odds.

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Much Of Madness has everything a paranormal reader wants. Death eaters, spell casters, djinns, and hex weavers. Even Death itself. From mystery to revenge to forbidden love you won’t be left disappointed. The story follows two main characters with two different POVs.

The characters are well developed as each has their own defined personality with finely constructed backgrounds. The plot it interesting and leaves you wanting more as each character has their own secrets.

Seraphina, the leading lady, has been cursed by her power hungry father, which leads straight to her death…but this hex doesn’t only affect her. Her best friend, Finn get dragged along with it. Finn goes from a conniving spell caster to a sickly death eater. Whereas, Seraphina can’t touch the person she loves or else she dies. And she die, but only to come back fifty years later when a deal is struck with death. Since coming back fifty years after the first and only time she died she hasn’t aged. Neither has Finn. With the help of the grimoire Seraphina sets out to undo the hex before she slips up and dies…again.

The other POV is from a male character by the name Marceau. Marceau’s past is complicated as he was raised by a benefactor, Maximillian. He ‘collects’ individuals with great powers to benefit him, such as Lady Vespa a serpent like woman along with individuals that he killed and had Marceau ‘bring back’ to life. Marceau’s hex weaving and unweaving are perfect for Max, but his reanimation skills is what seals the deal. Max sends Marceau to an auction where the grimoire is. However, Marceau has his own plans with the book.

And that’s where Seraphina’s and Marceau’s worlds collide as they both manage to obtain the grimoire, but only one of them can walk away with it. And Seraphina is at the ready. She curses the book making anyone that wants to place a bid on it sick resulting in her winning the bid. But Marceau is desperate and offers her an exchange. Little did either of them know that his exchange could either break her hex or kill her.

But as the story progresses things aren’t as they seem and they have been played by a master manipulator. When secrets are spilled and Death comes to collect what he’s been wanting for years, what will happen to the Seraphina, Finn, and Marceau? Even when wishes come true there’s always something in the way stopping their happily ever after.

I’m not a spoiler type of person, but the twists and turns will keep you entertained all the way to the end!


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