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“I can’t let go of this story or the characters! As soon as I finished it I had that “what do I do now??” feeling.” –Amazon Reviewer, 5 Stars

K.L. Novitzke created her own vampire world; one with her own rules. I liked that this story had its own twist to vampire attributes. She didn’t use all the same traditional rules that we all know. I felt it made it more fun to read because I didn’t know what to expect.” Amazon Reviewer, 5 stars

“If you are in the market for a great paranormal romance/suspense – this one is well worth the time, be forwarned the ending is a bit of a cliffhanger that may leave you screamin for the next installment. Well done!” – Amazon Reviewer, 5 stars

Oh boy do I love paranormal vampire romance! K. L. Novitzke did a great job with this one. Charlie and Maxwell are something else. One fiesty and the other stubborn and persistent I can’t wait to read more in the next series. You have to check this out.” – Amazon Reviewer, 5 stars

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Entangled In Shadows – Guardians Of Ellington

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For fans of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and the Mortal Instruments. Entangled In Shadows brings a hunt worth dying for!

Sophie Hopkins wanted to be a normal seventeen year old girl, but her life was far from normal. She was a guardian of Ellington Institute. Her first and foremost priority as a guardian was getting rid of the supernatural beings in the world, Hellions. Be it vampires, werewolves, demons, or fae, she was prepared to win. Highly skilled and snarky nothing stood in her way, even her fellow guardian and competition, Lucas Brandt….who she secretly had a crush on but would never admit.

When she is chosen to lead a mission involving the deaths of a coven of teenage witches who have been bitten by a vampire, she’s head over heels with excitement and nerves. But after infiltrating the coven to find the vamp and reason behind the witches’ suicides she happens upon ancient magic and unsuspected culprits.

Will she stick true to her guardian responsibilities or she will give in to temping lies and trust the enemy?

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Other works in progress that can be found on K.L. Novitzke’s Wattpad profile.

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NEW vision cover

What if you had a premonition of your abduction?

What if you knew in three weeks you were going to be beaten and taken to an unknown location by a complete stranger?

Bianca Burke had a normal, carefree life until her world was turned upside down when she foreseen her own kidnapping. With one detailed and very realistic vision Bianca was left wondering who would do such a thing.

Three weeks is all she had and with gifts being left on her doorstep she feels the pressure weighing down on her. Unable to escape the inevitable she forces herself to endure unforgivable actions by her stalker, whom is closer to her than she ever imagined.

Just when she thinks that it is finally over and she can’t be put through worse she realizes it is not over yet.


NEW Everafter Chronicles

Modern Fairy Tale Novellas

Tale One: Sleeping Beauty: She Shall Sleep (Completed)

Blank. My memories of the past eighteen years of my life were…gone…unrecoverable.

An accident that I couldn’t even remember changed my life forever. Supposedly it was so horrific that nobody thought otherwise when I couldn’t recall anything about that night…or anything about my past. I still knew who I was. I still knew recognized the woman who was now my legal guardian. She claimed she was my Aunt, but my mind couldn’t recall. But my childhood, my parents, my friends…gone.

There was no hope in asking questions because whenever I brought it up, I was denied. Told to not worry about or hurt myself trying to remember. I was constantly told that I was better off not remembering, it was easier that way. Easier for who?

All I had now was the present and the present turned out to be not so pleasant either. The move from a town I wasn’t even familiar with to a completely different town I wasn’t familiar with wasn’t the problem. Not knowing if I had any friends I was leaving behind wasn’t the problem. Not being able to remember the awful death of my parents and the crushing reality that I was an orphan wasn’t the problem either.

The problem was fitting in when I knew so little about myself. How could I even come to terms with this new life when I couldn’t even remember what I left behind?

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